Monday, June 27, 2011

Leadership Blog: Summertime and the Youth

Go Mavs!
Dear Friends,
Despite the scorching heat—a staple of North Texas summers—the past couple of weeks were full of memorable moments; from the celebration of National Doughnut Day at Krispy Kreme, to the Dallas Mavericks Victory parade where thousands of thirsty fans cooled off with water and Gatorade provided by The Salvation Army and the Dallas Police Department.
Major Ernest Branscum with his grandson,
Ethan Winters, at a Salvation Army hydration station
during the Dallas Mavericks Parade.

Ethan Winters began the summer creating memories with his grandfather, Major Ernest Branscum, when serving cool beverages to hundreds of fans during the Dallas Mavericks victory parade.

Many of our fondest childhood memories occurred during the summertime: trips to the pool, playing with friends, picnics, enjoying time with family, and so much more. The Salvation Army understands how important a carefree season of fun can be to the overall development of children. 

We also recognize the important contributions children make to our community.  
Bradford Bonsack, a 5th grader
from Westlake Academy.
Take the initiative of 5th grader Bradford Bonsack, from Westlake Academy. After learning that residents of the Carr P. Collins Social Services Center, in Dallas, were lacking in jeans, Bradford began a successful jeans drive. So successful was this drive that, in one weekend, Bradford managed to gather three 42 gallon bags of jeans and raised $250.00 to benefit The Salvation Army.

Major Ward Matthews with students and staff of
  Episcopal School of Dallas.
 Another very impressive initiative came from the students of the Episcopal School of Dallas. These students, led by their respective student councils, initiated multiple fund raisers that culminated in a $1,000 donation to The Salvation Army. The students also conducted food and clothing drives on our behalf.

The Salvation Army at Pleasant Grove's
soccer team.
 And on the subject of fond childhood memories, the children of The Salvation Army at Pleasant Grove soccer team will not forget the camaraderie they shared as they celebrated another exciting season.

Yet, in the midst of this, we should remember the many children who are not as blessed.
A Salvation Army response team
in Joplin, MO.

Our brothers and sisters in Alabama, Missouri, Arizona and Texas are suffering the effects of devastating tornadoes and dangerous wildfires. Those who survived are now using the summer as a time for recovery.

We urge you to cherish the moments you have with your loved ones, as such moments are not guaranteed. We also urge you to aid the youth in dire times. These young boys and girls will soon be the leaders of our community. They merit our investment.

Captain Michele Matthews with the incoming
Women's Auxiliary Executive Board.
Realizing this, The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary of Dallas, allocated $368,597 from this year's Fashion Show for Salvation Army locations throughout the Metroplex. Aiding these locations is essential in providing support for children in our community.

Wal-Mart has donated 10 pallets of water,
benefiting The Salvation Army's Cooling Station.
In response to the dangers of 100-degree plus weather, Tom Thumb and Wal-Mart donated hundreds of cases of water to our cooling stations across the Metroplex. These stations provide children and adults relief from the stifling heat.

No amount of words can truly express our thanks for their initiative in aiding the least of these.

We wish you a safe, fulfilling summer for you, your family and friends. Stay informed of our latest news this summer by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages:


Captain Michele and Major Ward Matthews
DFW Metroplex Commanders