Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Leadership Blog: A Solid Foundation, 146 Years in the Making

Dear Friends,
Few organizations can claim to be in existence for more than a century. Yet on July 5th, The Salvation Army celebrated its 146th Anniversary!

William Booth
founded The
Salvation Army
146 years ago!

We are proud of the opportunities The Salvation Army has given to countless communities throughout the world. 146 years later, The Salvation Army’s community-wide efforts continue, as illustrated by our immediate response to the stifling heat in North Texas.
The DFW Metroplex is closing in on 30 consecutive days of triple-digit heat. The dangers of such high temperatures, including dizziness and heat strokes, are to be taken seriously. Preventive measures, such as proper hydration and remaining in cool areas, must be taken.
Many, however, don’t have the means to beat the heat. 
Earlier this summer, The Salvation Army opened 15 cooling stations across the Metroplex. These stations provide visitors cool beverages and snacks in a well air conditioned facility. Two cooling stations, the Carr P. Collins Center in Dallas and the Mabee Center in Fort Worth, are open seven days a week. 
Cool off at one of our 15 Cooling Stations
across the Metroplex!
Members of the community have recognized the importance of our programs amidst the strong heat surge. The First United Methodist Church of Hurst donated water, Gatorade and Girl Scout cookies towards our summer heat relief and youth programs. The church was so determined in assisting us that it donated enough items to fill a 14 foot trailer!
Members of the Episcopal
Church of the Annunciation's
Day Camp serving snow
cones in Lewisville.
The Episcopal Church of the Annunciation mobilized members of its day camp to assist The Salvation Army at our feeding program in Lewisville, serving snow cones, beverages, and food to those in the program.  
Speaking of our Lewisville feeding program, participants in the program will soon enjoy fresh produce grown in organic gardens located in the Upper Trinity Regional Water District.
Yet, The Salvation Army’s 146 year history goes beyond providing food and water to the least of these.  It strives to play a positive role in the development of adults and children alike.

Former Dallas Maverick Josh Howard
with children from The Salvation Army
at Cedar Crest.
Whether it is providing complimentary hearing, vision, and blood pressure exams through its health awareness block party, hosting the United Way’s “Day of Action” for children, or attending (former Dallas Maverick) Josh Howard’s Basketball Camp, The Salvation Army at Cedar Crest plays an effective role in the lives of its community.

The Salvation Army’s founder, William Booth, once said “…it is not enough to give a man a better wage or a better job, or a better house only – you must show him how he may be given a new heart with the will and the character to match it.” 

This principle has made The Salvation Army unique among its peers. Our solid foundation would not exist without the support we have received from thousands of people throughout the world. 

You are the reason why The Salvation Army endures.
We wish you memorable moments with friends and loved ones. Stay informed of our latest news this summer by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages:


Captain Michele and Major Ward Matthews
DFW Metroplex Commanders