Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why Graduations Matter

At The Salvation Army DFW, we believe that graduations matter. It is important to celebrate a person's recovery and the progress made in their life.

This past week, The Salvation Army in Fort Worth honored three individuals for successfully completing one of three programs: First Choice, a residential chemical dependency rehab for mothers with children; the Simon Program, a program for men and women with a dual diagnosis of chemical dependency and mental health issues; and START, an intensive residential case management for single, homeless men and women.

By reaching this milestone, the graudates have demonstrated that they are now ready to re-enter society. They will be moving into their own apartments free of drugs, alcohol and homelessness with the tools to help them remain stable citizens of Fort Worth.

Meet graduate Tanya Phillips and read her story.

Tanya Phillips' six-month-old son was removed from her custody by Child Protective Services due to her drug addiction. Three days after enrolling in The Salvation Army’s First Choice program, CPS reunited Tanya with her son. In the First Choice program, she received group therapy, individual counseling, transportation assistance, and child-care, as well as a room of her own and meals. On April 16, Tanya began school to become a medical assistant. On August 28 -- one year to the day from when she regained custody of her child -- she signed a lease and began moving into a two-bedroom apartment. "The Salvation Army helped me build up a support network, rebuild my family relationships, and believe in myself," Tanya says. "They helped me to strive for success and achieve my dreams.”

It was great to see many people attend and celebrate this special occasion.


  1. What a wonderful story. Teaching people to fish as opposed to giving them fish. This is the way that the Salvation Army can truly make a lasting difference in the community.

  2. I love what the Fort Worth Center does for the community. Continue to strive and do the best that you can. Fort Worth loves you for what you do. We know that you work hard, long hours always striving...keep it up