Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Salvation Army Responds to Devastating Earthquake in Chile

It's  sad to think that last month the world mourned for the people of Haiti after they experienced a catastrophic earthquake with a magnitude 7.0. And now, the people of Chile, just experienced a devestating 8.8 earthquake.

When the news broke early Saturday morning, February 27, it was devestating to hear that nearly two million people were affected and now displaced.

Luckily, The Salvation Army has made it easy to give through there text messaging campaign.
A person can text the word "CHILE" to 52000 on their cell phone and make a donation of $10. Your 100% donation will go to aide the people affected by this tragedy. (side note: the donation appears as a charge on your carrier bill and standard rates may apply.)

Stay tuned for more updates on The Salvation Army's efforts in Chile.
Watch this video about The Salvation Army's work in Chile...

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