Friday, May 7, 2010

An ‘Ex-Seeding’ Summer Day Camp

Last summer, The Salvation Army’s Irving Summer Day Campers were featured here for raising money to purchase a goat for The Salvation Army in Kenya, Africa.

 If you missed the story, you can read about it by clicking here.

This summer, the children are eager to take on a new project, which they will spend part of their summer day camp growing a garden.

Pam Benton, community director at The Salvation Army in Irving, says the project will not only be a learning experience in how to grow fresh vegetables, but teach the children on ways to give back.

“Once we grow the vegetables, the children will be able to sell the fresh produce at a local farmers’ market, as well as a portion of it will go back to our food pantry,” Benton explained.

Recently, children had their first assignment in “tilling.” In order to prepare the ground, the children tilled the dirt to get it ready for seeding.

Did you know that throughout the U.S., children growing gardens has become a trend?

First Lady, Michelle Obama, is working with children to harvest a garden on the White House lawn.

Stay tuned this summer for updates on the children’s garden’s progress.

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