Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lemonade for Sale!

"Lemonade for sale.... .50 cents per cup!"

When best friends Reghan Barnett and Rebecca Hill  heard about The Salvation Army's emergency food pantry depletion, they were eager to help.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, the girls set up a lemonade stand in their Lake Highlands neighborhood. And within 2 hours they raised $60!

"Some people even gave more than 50 cents when we told them the money was going to The Salvation Army," Reghan said.

Last Tuesday morning, they came by The Salvation Army DFW office to drop off their donation...

On behalf of The Salvation Army, thank you Reghan and Rebecca for your donation.

This will help us provide more food to people in need!

Reghan Barnett and Rebecca Hill met with Captain Michele Matthews, Salvation Army DFW leadership, and Beverly Pop, Salvation Army DFW Development Director.

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