Friday, August 20, 2010

Former Pro-Football Players Brave the Heat to Raise Funds

What sport are former pro-football players more passionate about than any other?

Football? Nope. Try golf.

That's why a whole passel of them turned out at the Dallas Cowboys Golf Course on Tuesday to play in the 100-degree heat. OK, so it was 98 degrees. It was still hot.

Five-time Super Bowl winner Charles Haley enlisted his friends to play in a scramble to benefit The Salvation Army's Cedar Crest Community Center in Oak Cliff.

Players included Tim Brown (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), John Randle (Minnesota Vikings), Barry Foster (Pittsburgh Steelers), and former Dallas Cowboys Chad Hennings, Rocket Ismail, Preston Pearson, Rayfield Wright, and Larry Brown, just to name a few. Ronnie Lott (San Francisco 49ers) flew in all the way from San Francisco to participate!

Dallas Cowboys greats Ed "Too Tall" Jones, Darren Woodson, Jay Novacek, and Russell Maryland also made guest appearances.

Thanks so much to Charles for enlisting the help of his friends and to Albertsons for sponsoring the event!

Ed "Too Tall" Jones: "It's a great cause. That's why, anything I can do to support it, that's what I want to do. They do many wonderful things."

Darren Woodson with Sgt. Juanita Hinkle. Woodson said: "I grew up in the projects in Phoenix and The Salvation Army was always part of my life. We were attached at the hip. ... No matter if times were good or bad, they were always there to help."


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