Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Day Camp

If you visit The Salvation Army Arlington Community Center you will hear the sound of music echoing through the hallways. This summer, they are offering music lessons each day for their summer day camp children.

If you are envisioning music tutorials taught by using chalk boards or studying sheet music for hours, you are wrong.

Forget teaching styles of the past; the center’s teaching technique is far from traditional.

The center has tuned into using technology to help teach music to their young clients.

Helping the children fine tune their music skills is Jeff Barrington, Salvation Army Arlington Community Center Music Director.

Barrington remarks on how his teaching method has changed in order to keep up with the times.

“Kids live in a high-tech world,” Barrington says. “We use Music Ace Maestro and Smart Board which are geared to teach children about music. It is a great interactive tool—gets children interested and makes learning fun,” Barrington said.

See photos of the children having fun…learning music with technology twist!

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